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Gourmet Meat

YAK MEAT - Steaks & Burger
Kiwidinok Yak are 100% grass and grass hay fed with no GMOs, Antibiotics, animal byproducts.

* High in Omega - 3s
* Lean, low fat, juicy and sweet - 95% fat free.
*More healthy than Buffalo, beef, skinless chicken, most fish
* Low in Cholesterol, saturated fats and calories
* High in Mono Unsaturated fats and Linoleic acids

Kiwidinok Katahdin lambs are 100% grass and grass hay fed without antibiotics or GMOs

Katahdin sheep are a hair sheep. The lamb meat is mild, milder than wool sheep where the wool lanolin affects the meat taste.
Lambs are processed at (7-8) months old when the hanging weight is around 50 #

All Kiwidinok meats are packaged with a USDA inspection and label. Meat is vacuum packed.