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Kiwidinok Farm

Magnificent Tibetan Yak & Petting Farm

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Unforgettable Fun for All Occasions: Celebrate Birthdays, Plan School Trips, and Create Lasting Memories with Family Fun Days at Our Petting Farm!

"Kiwidinok" means "of the Wind" in Chippewa

Our Farm is blessed with all of the great natural wonders of Northern Michigan - located in Boyne City.

Beautiful skies, four seasons with breathtaking scenes from the birth of Spring and fresh luxuriant green grasses, through the beautiful baby blue skies of summer, the brilliant colors of Fall and the heavy snow falls of Winter.

Kiwidinok Farm is touched by the breath of winds from the Great Lakes every season - spring thunder storms, balmy warm summer breezes and harsh, cold snow laden winds born from winter.

We invite you to come by and experience these wonderful animals.
Welcome to our farm!

General Farm Tours advanced reservation required (starting April 25th).
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Visitors to Kiwidinok Petting Farm can expect a wide range of activities and experiences centered around interacting with and learning about our animals, including being greeted by Billie Bob the turkey.

The main attraction of the farm is the opportunity to pet and feed the animals. Visitors can interact with friendly animals like Kiwidinok Yak, Kiwidinok Katahdin sheep, alpacas, lionhead rabbits, peacocks, miniature ponies, and other animals. This hands-on experience allows visitors to get up close and personal with the animals while learning about their behaviors and characteristics.

You’ll be surprised at how clean our farm is and how well-behaved each animal is. We spend many hours socializing our farm animals so that you can have the best and most memorable experience!

A gift shop is available on-site, offering visitors the opportunity to purchase souvenirs, merchandise, and local products related to the animals or the farm. It allows visitors to take a piece of the petting farm experience home with them.

Discover the Magic of Our Farm: A Warm Invitation to Experience the Wonder of our Extraordinary Animals!

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